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“A couple of years ago, I injured my right arm. My husband and I were unloading firewood from the back of the truck. We had an assembly line system going where I was standing in the truck bed and handing him the wood as he placed it down. After multiple trips and the repetitive motion of leaning over, picking up a heaving piece of wood with one arm, and swinging it back, I started to feel a lot of pain in my elbow. In the days to follow, when the pain didn’t go away, I just assumed I was still sore and it just needed time to heal. The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months. And instead of getting better, the pain got worse. Everyday activities were being effected. Just turning the steering wheel in my car or brushing my teeth would send a sharp pain to my elbow.
I finally decided to go and see Marilyn. She was able to quickly identify the injury and isolate and treat the muscles in my forearm that were the cause of the pain. In addition, she communicated to me the whole time what she was doing and why so I felt completely engaged in the process.
I regret not going sooner. I suffered for months unnecessarily. And within just a few short visits she had me feeling back to normal. I now recommend Marilyn to all my friends and family.” R. Motta, Lakeville

“Having had major back surgery ten years ago and just recently a hip replacement, I am certainly much better today than if I had not had these surgeries. However, I still have pain – chronic pain. I have tried various ways to manage my pain over the years with little to no “lasting” success. We recently relocated to MA and prior to moving here, my doctor had suggested trying to find a therapist who specialized in acupressure and cranial sacral massage. I was fortunate to meet Marilyn who has years of experience and expertise in these areas and still continues to take courses to better her skills. She is professional, personable and caring. I feel fortunate to have Marilyn as part of my pain management team. She is making a difference!” – Peggy Gallagher

“I have suffered from back injuries for years. The last time I was hurt, the only relief I got was from Marilyn at Total Approach Therapy.” – Dave Hood, Plymouth

“Total Approach Therapy helped me greatly when I had a severe muscle strain in my back. It was so bad, I could not sleep in a bed and was in constant pain, especially while driving to work. Marilyn used various message and pressure techniques to finally loosen that muscle. She also taught me various stretches for that particular muscle to prevent future problems. She is the best and I have recommended her often.” -John Pennini

“Marilyn Zurwaski is a professional and inspirational healer.  While, many forms of therapy work on one aspect of healing, Marilyn’s approach covers the whole person body, mind and soul to heal on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. I first came to Marilyn for help to heal some emotional pain after some major life incidents affected me and my family.  I was really surprised to find the peace and self awareness acupressure could bring through Marilyn’s care. Two years later, Marilyn was able to prove me immense physical relief from a herniated disc. Her treatment, along with other therapies saved me from surgery. I use Marilyn’s treatment as a tool to stay healthy on an ongoing basis.  If you are looking for a positive therapy to help you with physical pain, or need a method to manage stress in your life, I highly recommend Marilyn Zurwaski at Total Approach Therapy. She will make a positive difference!” – Christine Marag

“I was suffering from terrible headaches. I work with computers and could barely stand looking at the brightness of my screen. This went on for weeks – and I was considered a surgical candidate for major spine surgery to my neck. It seemed too good to be true that my headaches ceased with just a single visit to Marilyn. The very day after I was treated by Marilyn, I met with the surgeon. Surgery was no longer necessary! I can’t say enough about what Marilyn has done for my well being.” – Jay S. Bridgewater