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Work environment risk-factor reduction

Ergonomics Training for health, wellness and productivity

ergonomics - avoid repetitive stress Marilyn will consult with your company to troubleshoot and identify ergonomic risk factors as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Utilizing her over 30 years experience, Marilyn can help reduce costs in a business by promoting a safe and pain-free work experience that helps employees stay on the job, work smarter, work more safely and be more productive. Well regarded and recognized as an expert in her field, Marilyn has spoken at regional ergonomics conferences, has been published in the American Journal of Hand Therapy, has developed an ergonomics train-the-trainer program and has helped create many industry ergonomic teams. Since 1995, Marilyn has been a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. She consults nationwide for both large and small companies, sometimes working with only a dozen employees or with as many as 500. In addition to her prolific work as an ergonomics consultant, Marilyn has been both a recipient and is an approved vendor of safety grants awarded by the Massachusetts State Department of Industrial Accidents, Office of Safety.

ergonomics - workstation designUsing a combined approach of work station evaluation, training and education, Marilyn empowers employees with the knowledge and the corrective measures they need to keep injuries at bay. She is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist, and her background in work station analysis, traditional therapy, as well as Acupressure and Craniosacral Therapy gives her a unique perspective that helps her detect even the most subtle triggers of injury and pain in the workplace.

Ergonomics in the workplace

Marilyn can help your company:

food prep ergonomics

Prevent repetitive stress injuries
Identify workplace hazards
Evaluate work stations
Provide and implement practical, cost-effective solutions to minimize risk factors following OSHA guidelines
Provide employees and supervisor training and workshops

Ergonomic Services

   – Workplace Ergonomic Risk Factor Analysis

   – Workplace Ergonomic Training

   – Individual & Group Ergonomic Assessments

Marilyn is well known for her thorough and process driven approach to ergonomic risk factor analysis. Whether a Fortune 100 Company or a “Mom & Pop” business concerned about addressing ergonomic risk factors, Marilyn has over 30 years experience providing meaningful insights allowing companies to benefit from cost avoidance when it comes to lost time and insurance claims. Her standard approach is to perform a walk-through of the facility where she will take pictures and identify and record high risk factors based on her observations and any injury pattern data provided in advance by the company. Once this initial assessment is completed, Marilyn will work with the organization to Establish Objectives (i.e. report on opportunities to reduce lost time and injury and/or individual or group trainings) and assist with clarifying goals and metrics based on the recommended ergonomic program.

Examples of the types of training Marilyn provides:

proper lifting techniques - ergonomics – Understand basic anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and upper extremities
– Identifying postures and movements that present risk for low back injury and upper extremity cumulative trauma injuries
– Understanding basic ergonomic principles as they relate to individual work area
– Practice of strategies to minimize ergonomic risk factors
– Injury Prevention
– General Awareness
– Supervisor Training
– Train The Trainer
– Stretch Program

More on Marilyn’s methods:

Classes are kept small. The maximum enrollment is 25 participants per class. This allows Marilyn to ensure each individual has a clear understanding of the issues addressed during the training. General Awareness Training is generally a 1 hour to 1 ½ hours slide presentation with an adult learning module using specific examples (including photographs) of ergonomic risks at your company.  Supervisor/Manager Training: 2 to 4 hour Power point presentation as well as videotape and handouts using specific work area examples. Maximum participants 20 per class.

Marilyn also offers Individual Workstation Assessments which is a one on one work station assessment to identify then provide risk factors, ergonomic recommendations and assist each person with individual workstation set-up. Follow-up will be conducted via email or phone. Finally, Marilyn has had a great deal of success providing “remote analysis” where a company provides pictures and/or video of workstations in use. This assessment with recommendations can be performed over the phone and progress can be tracked remotely.